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Frequently Asked Questions


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What are some common signs of termites?
How much damage can termites really do?
How do I know if I have swarming termites or winged ants?
How can I identify a termite?
I have noticed some pest excrement that has fallen from the ceiling. How can I tell if it is from termites or other insects?
I recently noticed a small mud tunnel on the drywall side of an exterior wall. I knocked it off, but after a few days, the mud tunnel was back. Should I be concerned about termites?
When do termites swarm?
What do I do if I want to buy a home or condo with termites?
Are HOA’s responsible for fumigation or termite treatments?
Who is responsible for handling escrow repairs?
What are the necessary steps for fumigation preparation?
What are the necessary steps for termite treatment preparation?
What is fungus & dry rot?
Is dry rot termite related?
How do you treat for fungus & dry rot?
What is no tent termite treatment?

Signs of Termite Activity
If you see any of these tell-tale signs of termite activity in your home or office, contact Elite Bay Area Termite Control for a full inspection: 1.888.611.TERMITE.

Kick-Out Holes: Termites bore through wood, leaving holes to “kick-out” waste material.


Mud Tubes: Subterranean termites live in the soil and build tubes through the base of the structure to infest the wood members.


Pellets: As termites eat their way through your structure, they discard their waste via kick-out holes. These pellets can be found in small piles below infested areas.


Swarmers: Reproductive termites leave the nest and fly to new locations to spread the infestation.