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Condominium Termite Control


Elite Bay Area Termite provides termite inspections, termite “spot treatments”, fumigations, soil treatments and wood repair in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Localized “Spot” Treatments For Condominiums

Secondary treatments or spot termite treatments, can be utilized to eradicate infestations of termites, depending on accessibility. Unlike fumigation, spot treatments are often ideal for condominiums as they offer termite control without requiring tenants to move out.

Drywood Termites in Condominiums

Drywood termites make their home inside the wood members of your condo. We offer tent fumigation as a primary recommendation for Drywood termites, but offer several other treatment methods which can control your termite populations.

Subterranean Termites in Condominiums

Subterranean termites live in the soil around or underneath your condo and require a different approach. Elite Bay Area Termite offers soil termite treatments to regain control.

How Do I Know I Have A Termite Infestation?

  • Termite “swarmers” and the discarded wings of swarmer termites will be found around doors, windows or attic spaces.
  • Small holes known as “Kick-Out” holes where termites discard frass and pellets.
  • Small piles of hard pellets are “kicked out” from small holes in walls and wood members.
  • “Mud tubes” or tunnels leading to the building.

Elite Bay Area Termite’s experienced termite inspectors will perform a thorough investigation of your condominium from top to bottom. Your inspection will confirm whether termites are present, uncovering potential termite harborages. Once we’ve determined the extent of your infestation, your termite inspector will explain the best treatment for your condo.

What About Wood Damaged By Termites?

Your home is 10 times more likely to be damaged by termites than by fire! Termites infest 1 in 30 homes across the country, averaging $8,174 for treatments and wood damage repairs. Our in-house construction team is staffed with specialists who can restore the integrity and appearance of your condominium.
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Signs of Termite Activity
If you see any of these tell-tale signs of termite activity in your home or office, contact Elite Bay Area Termite Control for a full inspection: 1.888.611.TERMITE.



Kick-Out Holes: Termites bore through wood, leaving holes to “kick-out” waste material.


Mud Tubes: Subterranean termites live in the soil and build tubes through the base of the structure to infest the wood members.


Pellets: As termites eat their way through your structure, they discard their waste via kick-out holes. These pellets can be found in small piles below infested areas.


Swarmers: Reproductive termites leave the nest and fly to new locations to spread the infestation.